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Floral velvet knitted fabric market is optimistic

Nowadays, people who wear knitted fabrics to make clothing have spread to urban and rural areas, which has prompted the sales of knitted fabrics listed in Keqiao China Textile City to grow rapidly. This summer, in the East Market and Dongsheng Road Knitted Fabric Market, a new new variety of knitted fabrics, "Floral Fleece Knitted Fabric", has been launched, which is very popular with merchants from south to north. Floral velvet knitted fabric is a thriving knitted fabric, and it is also the favorite fabric of spot women. This fabric is made of 80D diamond yarn, 40S rayon yarn, and 40D spandex core yarn as raw materials, with plain weave through-hole weave, woven on a circular knitting machine, and then further processed by pre-shrinking, shaping, dyeing, and flower planting. With its exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful patterns, soft waxy and comfortable, easy to stretch, breathable and cool, and good wearability, it has won praise from consumers. The width of the cloth is 150cm, and the weight of each meter of cloth is about 180 grams. The wholesale price is about 17.5 yuan per meter of cloth. It is suitable for making women's casual wear, skirts, trousers, T-shirts and other clothing, and the upper body is not only amazing, but also shows the attractive charm of women. Judging from the recent sales situation, the number of buyers is increasing day by day, both in the southern region and in the northern region. The sales market is expanding and the sales volume is increasing day by day.

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